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Our storage room was ok.. and we have this metal rack shelving that works really well, but during a recent trip to Menards, I discovered the shelving was a crazy cheap clearance price. Sooo. I snagged some more.

There was a lot involved with preparing for this project, as I have some heavy items (poker table) suspended from the ceiling (in a hand made storage rack) that needed to be relocated to the other side of the room, as this was where the new shelves would be going.

Here was the existing pantry…

View attachment 115192

This was the existing floor space, which we, Recently added carpet tiles to…

View attachment 115191

View attachment 115194

Here are the shelves we bought

View attachment 115189

in progress

View attachment 115188

some pics of things “mostly“ done. I wound up rearranging a lot of the food items, and there was a lot of other things (preps) that needed to be organized and shelved.

View attachment 115190

View attachment 115187

View attachment 115193

Pretty happy with how things turned out. Total cost of the shelves was $320. That included two complete sheets of 3/4” OSB. These things are amazing, and we have them all over our house and BOL.

It seems like a lot of food, but it’s really not. very little of what you see if my long term food supply.

WOW! Impressive!!
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