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Palmetto State Armory- Black Friday/Cyber Monday starts today at 12PM EST

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Per FB post they'll be launching sections every few hours from noon on

Ammunition, Magazines, Rifle Parts, Bulk Ammo and Rifle Accessories - Palmetto State Armory

They are way,way behind on shipping and this will only put it further behind,but you'll get your order,maybe even by the 24th of next month.
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Those magazines are pretty good - I got 10 of them last month at 6.49 and have used 3 of them with no problems.
True enough, but it can be that way for anyone in the firearms trade. I have a good friend with a gun shop I work in once in a while to help out and keep up on things. He closed last year from Dec. 17 until after the first of the year due to a lack of inventory and inability to restock anything.

The big problem with them is they seem to never have anything in stock.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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