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Over the road driver prepping

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Hello folks,

i need some advice. I am an over the road driver and am not allowed any kind of weapon. I am allowed flash lights (mag light) and a knife no more then 3.5 inches. I would like more ideas/thoughts on how i can best prepare.

Thanks in advance
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Also consider what you are hauling. In a SHTF scenario that haul could be supplies to a community or for yourself. So be prepared to utilize what you have to the best advantage. At the point general Law breaks down getting your load to its destination will not be your first priority but what you are carrying may be a vital resource. If you travel certain routes and maintain those have topographical maps of the areas you drive so if you do need to get to foot then you have the resources to navigate previously unexplored areas. Look around and have spots picked out ahead of time you could hide your rig if SHTF for a short time or a long time or in the case of you having a family how will you connect up with them in a fast way. These are things to know ahead of time not later.

And yes Id say for a Truck driver that a BoB is a first necessity to be prepared. I mean if you break down and have to walk 30 miles to the nearest town (yeah I know you guys got CB) but were talking prep here and theres a motto...Have a plan A and a plan B and plan C...etc...

No ones saying break the law today but having the foresight to know that someday we may fall into Lawlessness then there is a bit of a different mindset there.
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