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Over the road driver prepping

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Hello folks,

i need some advice. I am an over the road driver and am not allowed any kind of weapon. I am allowed flash lights (mag light) and a knife no more then 3.5 inches. I would like more ideas/thoughts on how i can best prepare.

Thanks in advance
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I drove a big rig for a while and found lots of drivers who took a no weapons approach with a big grain of salt. Personally I think it's nonsense because some of the places you go, you definitely need a weapon. To hell with the DOT. Do what's right for you though, but a good BOB would be a good place to start. Stuff it under your bunk if your tractor has storage room there or in the overhead bunk if you're not team running.
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I can't see how having a recurve and arrows would even raise an eyebrow if they found it. It's not a firearm and a sporting item which you can simply say you use it as a sport on downtime searching out archery clubs in the town you visit deliverying loads.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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