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My wife is doing another group buy. She just did it on facebook last time and had a good turn out. We have gotten more requests to do another one so we are opening it up to other places outside of our little facebook group.
Shipping is not an issue, and you will just pay the actual shipping amount. They are dehydrated and sealed in mylar bags with an oxygen absorber in each one. GMO Free and Organic.
Tomato Dices $7.00 ½ Pound
Broccoli $7.00 ½ Pound
Celery $7.00 ½ Pound
Carrots $5.00 ½ Pound
Potato Dices $10.00 1 ½ Pound
Apple Dices $7.00 ½ Pound
Peas $7.00 ½ Pound
Corn $7.00 ½ Pound

Precooked & Dehydrated Black Beans $20.00 5 Pounds
Precooked & Dehydrated Pinto Beans $20.00 5 Pounds

Cracked Whole Grains (9 grain blend) $5.00 1 Pound

To get more info, see the order form, you just download it from google drive:

Here is our little facebook group if you want to join it to get updates about any future bulk buys my wife does.
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