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Organic all natural jerky

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I'm stocked on this already, and getting more for an outstanding whole sale price!
Jerky Direct products provide a healthy, all natural source of protein. Many of our products contain no preservatives, no added MSG, no nitrites, no Erythorbate, no artificial ingredients, and are only minimally processed.

With many different kinds of jerky you have a variety to choose:

Chicken jerky made from whole chicken breast raised without added hormones. Flavors include Hot and original wing style.

Turkey jerky raised without added hormones. Flavors include; original, teriyaki, BBQ, and nuggets.

Beef jerky raised without added hormones and without antibiotics. Flavors include; fajita, habanero "hot", Original, Peppered, teriyaki, hickory smoked (low carb), sweet & spicy, steak chunks, ripple style, and steak sticks,

Buffalo ranch raised without added hormones and USDA inspected buffalo. Flavors include original, teriyaki, peppered, red hot, sweet and spicy, and hickory smoked.

Fruit stix naturally flavored with mixed fruits and fortified with Omega 3 Krill Oil. Flavors include apple-cinnamon, berry blend, blueberry, and pineapple.

Get up to half a pound of premium quality, all-natural or organic jerky for only $12.30 or become one of our Jerky Direct Distributors and join our automatic shipment program for the same price! Get up to 1/2lb of jerky delivered to your door each and every month and then get as much additional jerky and fruit stix as you would like at our low wholesale price. (You may cancel at any time.)
For more information to buy or sign up go to this link. - Your Online Wholesale Portal for Wholesale Jerky
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haha I love beef jerky but this guy just made his 1st post on this forum with his affiliate link. lame-o
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