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Once-a-Month or Mega-Batch Cooking, recipes too

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Once-a-month or Mega-batch cooking is a very practical way not only to have convenient home-cooked meals ever-ready for those busy days, but also to keep your freezer well-stocked. It's the start-up that's the pain, but once I have several variety in the freezer, it's just a matter of maintaining it.

My problem is consistency. I am not consistent in doing this. And also I need to have a well-organized system.
My freezer gets jumbled pretty fast....I still have a couple bags of frozen plum tomatoes (whole) at the bottom of my chest freezer, and they're about 3 or 4 years old!

About three weeks ago I made a big batch of shepherd's pie. It's almost gone now, so next time I'll have to make an even bigger batch (seeing that it's a favorite and popular). Yesterday I made a very big batch of Sausage-Italian Meatballs combo in tomato sauce, which I'll be freezing today in portions. Ingredients were mostly on-sale.

The meatballs, btw....are awesome. They are the best I've ever had. I got it sometime ago online and this is my second time to use that recipe. They're juicy and I just love the texture. I imagine them to be good as home-made burgers, too....will have to dabble with that when lean ground beef is on sale again.
I will share that recipe next time.

I'll aim to make another batch as soon as I'm down to a certain numbers for the things already in the freezer. I wouldn't wait until something is all gone before I replenish it, or I'll be back to square one....and it'll be just then more likely that the S will HTF, and am caught unprepared!

Hopefully this thread will help and encourage starters and newbies like me get a good supply in the freezer.
And diligently keep it well-supplied at all times.

We can talk about what we plan to cook or bake, share recipes and other tips, or anything you think will help us.
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I do the same thing only different. In that I do canning in batches. And whatever is made part goes to the house pantry & part goes to the emergency (extended) pantry. I plan for extra in whatever I am making & the extra is cooked separately & when cooled gets bagged with some going to the frig & some to the freezer.
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