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Its entertainment.

My wife is home sick the past few days so she decided we needed to get out and see a flick,
and chose this one. I like that our dear hollywood would finally dream up someone attacking
the US besides a Red Dawn remake (which I haven't seen) or an alien. This was the North
Korean's but you aren't sure and they keep it close to the vest - I'm not giving much away
there. I always find faults - who doesn't - but look past them and enjoy the story. Again
having worked in protective services in the 1980's for our govt this stuff always intrigues

Dismay; US military aircraft in DC aren't going to all pull up along side an inbound aircraft
and say - hey - gotta come with us - one will be behind it with missiles ready.

Defense; you all know its easier to play defense then offense in a combat situation, I found
the pushing out of AR's to the secret service once the threat became real to be realistic
only to see most of the agents go down with their side arms going off? oh Hollywood.

And then the star of course, manages to defeat the obviously inept soldier who was good
enough to defeat the rest of the secret service but loses to the star even though he's
got a modern AR and the star has his lowly Glock.

Look past my critique, enjoy the action, its like Air Force One with a good budget and
on roids.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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