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Hi folks,

My name is LaMar and I am a long time off grid homesteader survivalist. I live in a 14x14 off grid cabin that I built myself for under $2000. I use a 580 watt solar and 400 watt wind power system for all my power needs for water pump, tvs, lights, and gadgets. I drilled my own well and use a solar composting toilet of my own design. I garden, raise chickens and rabbits and hunt and fish for most of my food needs.

If you are interested in learning about off grid living or outfitting an off grid cabin for survival, bugout, or vacation I have a 355 page ebook and numerous videos that will guide you step-by-step through all the systems and construction.

You can get the ebook on my website for $7 at

My videos:

I am always glad to answer questions about off-grid living!


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