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Off-Grid on a budget?

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I'm looking for ideas of going off-grid on a budget. I'll be honest, I'm a cheap a$$! I look for the best deal on the best product I can buy (goes for anything I purchase). My power company recently had a 7.5% hike in power rates! :eek: Talk about ouch...My husband and I travel for work and are not home most of the time. My power bill was about $80 month before last (just air and fridge basically) and this past month it jumped to $146!!

We live in KY so I'm looking for other do-able forms of energy. Be it solar or wind. I'm not really sure where to start though. I want to do this a little at a time so as not to go into debt trying to make myself energy independent. Also, would you recommend tying to the grid (and selling back) or have it as a separate entity?

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My last utility bill in a district (not by PG&E) in CA was $265 for a 1200' home.

$ happy you don't live in CA.

BTW my new place has a zero water, zero sewer, zero trash and zero electric bill :)
but that doesn't mean they were free.
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