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"Nuke Proof pills". KI vs KI03

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I've got a couple packs of Iosat on hand, but am wondering if it or ANYTHING is really going to help. As I'm looking at prices I see KI03 is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than KI, but the only information I've been able to find on KI03 is being diligently supplied by either a manufacture, or somebody trying to sell it. :/

Anybody familiar with how radiation effects the human body, how it's treated, or even have a source of information that doesn't stand to gain from sales of magic beans?
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Iodine tablets are used to get certain isotopes out of your body - and they are very effective at doing so. They in no way increase your resistance to ionizing radiation or its effects on your body outside the digestive tract. If you are exposed to direct radiation it won't do anything for that other than make you emotionally feel better. Fallout is not particularly bad as long as you can shower and clean your clothes. Strontium 90 is a real danger and it comes from exposure to foods from metal containers that have been exposed to direct and indirect radiation. Unfortunately your iodine tabs won't help in that situation.

Best thing is to keep a minimum of 2 feet - 200 pounds per square foot - of dirt or sand between you and any radiation primary source. With air burst bombs you need to stay sheltered for three days - especially if it rains during that time.
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Iodine poisoning can kill you too. There are treatments to help but it is also easy to overdose on that as well. I believe that Bromine is used to reduce the Iodine absorption but getting a balance is extremely difficult. Bromine is found in breads made with "enriched" flour. Iodine is available in table salt. Both sources can cause overdoses in people who use them.

I will stick to the non-iodized salt and my home-made bread.
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