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Not going to believe this?????

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Ok so i posted up 2 days ago about a game called knock out in NJ . So today im walking my wife and 4 yr old daughter to the car at 8am cause my wife had a doc appt and i see 3 kids walking up to my wife, looked liked ready to swing, which he did and missed. NoT knowing my wife is a black belt in tae kwon do and jujitsu lol. She took him down and i took the other 2 down with 2 punches. I called cops they came and the guys ADMITTED THEY WERE LOOKING TO KNOCK US OUT. Dude in front of my daughter, sick ****s. I knocked out the 2 dudes, boy my hand hurts lol... Were debating on moving now.

Thanks all:cool:
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Thank God you, your wife and kids are safe!
Glad you all came through OK. My self, I would not give an interview.
Put your faces and names on TV or in print for every JA that has something to prove to come find your home? Not for me.
Good luck on finding a new homestead.
"Black folks got a game called knockout. You White folks need to start your OWN game, called shoot out!"

"Black folks got a game called knockout. You White folks need to start your OWN game, called shoot out!"

I saw that earlier.

I'd buy him a round of beer. I like how he is black but isn't prejudiced. He tells it like it is.
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I enjoyed that video myself. No bias from that man and he even stated he had no strange love of white people just doesn't believe that any person minding their own business deserves treatment like what the little thug ass bastards are handing out. And I agree 100%. Shoot every single one that thinks it's a funny ass little game to try and knock out someone just for the hell of it! Enough of these little punks catch a healthy dose of lead then maybe the rest can catch a little snap and think maybe they shouldn't play that dumb shit anymore!
As the title says, I'm not going to believe everything I read.....
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This started a few years ago, if you google you can find the surprise "sucker pun ch" game played on sixth street in Austin Texas that was aimed at clean-cut white males for victims... everyone even in media was surprised. Then suddenly it is not news anymore, but on Fox news this week there was a story about a "gotta kill a lot of whites" website that is actually funded by the US gov't insofar as it is created by a gov't employee who HAS NOT BEEN FIRED... hmmm....

First of all, if one knows anything about Texas one knows that Austin is a snakes-nest of liberal orgs and 6th street is one of their playgrounds, and I bet if you researched other known liberal testing areas or playgrounds like that, you might find the same kind of "new' kind of assault coming up: sucker-punching conservative-looking white guys.... now that it has been filtered down to the street gangs, of course they target weaker types of people because they are kids doing it for points in the gangs that are run by the US gov't via the Progressive Party (aka Democrats)....

Just keep your refl;exes fit and start training your kids always to have one eye out in back. always to take a minute to look like they are stopping to chat but really they are looking out for lurking gang-types. Talk about it with conservative Blacks and Hispanics. The assaulters are looking for unaware, relaxed "suckers" not alert pedestrians, after all.... (You would be surprised how many of them hate the Jesse-Al idiocy as much as we white folks do and are ready to stand firm as fellow americans against this crap. I owe my own life to such people!)

Make a game of the looking-around activity, especially for small children. Make it like a hide-and-seek game so they can develop unconscious alertness and also, young as possible, enroll them in tai-chi kung-fu type stuff. Go to youtube videos if you can't afford real lessons. Kids will learn!
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This crap has been going on for years. Not just the knock out thing, but throwing water baloons off roofs, throwwng rocks at moving cars, getting homeless people to fight each other for food or money, slashing tires, the list goes on. I blame their parents for not kicking their ass and keeping them in line. We have a serious parenting problem in this country. I work for our school district and see parents with the worst children with serious behavior problems getting mad and upset if their kid is suspended and they always say the teacher has it out for their kid... when in fact the parent or kid has it out for the teacher or school.
For some reason nice it's huge....
Should have smoked them..... Make a statement to the rest of these scumbags. The more that die from trying this crap, the less likely it will continue.
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