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Not going to believe this?????

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Ok so i posted up 2 days ago about a game called knock out in NJ . So today im walking my wife and 4 yr old daughter to the car at 8am cause my wife had a doc appt and i see 3 kids walking up to my wife, looked liked ready to swing, which he did and missed. NoT knowing my wife is a black belt in tae kwon do and jujitsu lol. She took him down and i took the other 2 down with 2 punches. I called cops they came and the guys ADMITTED THEY WERE LOOKING TO KNOCK US OUT. Dude in front of my daughter, sick ****s. I knocked out the 2 dudes, boy my hand hurts lol... Were debating on moving now.

Thanks all:cool:
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Should be a short debate man... get your family out of that sewer.
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