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Hey everybody, my name is Michael and I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

I'm not a conspiracy nut or anything like that I am what I consider a rational thinker.... I understand the magnitude of our country's fiscal problems, the whole worlds for that matter. And it seems there are more than can be counted country's, foreign governments or ideological nut cases who hate everything about us are becoming more powerful with seemingly unlimited resources, and with a 2000 mile open door for God knows what to come in.

I honest to God don't think its too late for things to turn around, I have faith in our country and its principals but with leadership we have now Its only reasonable to hope for the best but prepare for the worse.

Its pretty cool my whole family is in on it to. and a lot of friends and people I work with are getting involved in it as well. We all take it serious but its kind of fun hobby at the same time. I have started on the basics, a incomplete bob, water purification, and some food. I have a long way to go and know I will rely on a community's like this for answers on future questions and to learn from others experiences. God bless:grin:
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