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1-6 months, natural disasters or economic collapse
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With your 11,239 posts I figure, you already know all the "canned" forum replies.
Are you suffering from post count envy?
To ease your comparison anxiety, that number means little to nothing.

No more cop-outs.
Let's see what actual help you are here to offer.

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OP, The thing about "assumptions" is that it's easy to assume that someone reciting wisdom hard learned by someone else is meaningless because it is frequently recited. Learning from others is a wise thing to do, but needs to be done without assumptions.

Regarding regurgitation, if one takes the time to learn & read while remaining open, he can learn that there are some things you can learn that others have as well. When one assumes they understand what someone else thinks or means, it's made obvious by no questions being asked. When one seeks understanding, they ask questions. If all they are doing is making statements, they don't wish to share knowledge, only speak their peace uncontested. Based on this, I'd surmise that you're making the assumptions, moreso than any others I've seen on this string.

If you want to impart knowledge, to assist, then you must first understand the level or place in their journey the person you're talking to is. But without asking questions, I can ONLY make assumptions, as you seem to be. I've had guns in my face & rounds past my head, but I don't expect my wife to be shot at before she's willing to trust I may know a thing or two about it. That being said, she asks a question now & then because she wants to ensure she understands, & I ask her questions to check her understanding before I begin to impart.

I would now ask my own questions, but you still owe an answer to Kauboy.

If participating in a productive way, ask questions & impart. Lashing out, whether or not you can justify it, isn't helpful.

“Make assumption if you must, but make not the mistake of assuming that your assumption is always right.” Abhijit Naskar
“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.” Isaac Asimov
21 - 22 of 22 Posts