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Nfl bans gun commercial!!

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This is a great video! Make sure you watch the entire thing..I almost want to start a boycott of football.. I have about given up on football. I used to love college ball and have been a huge Gator fan since I I was in Gainesville. It just seems that players can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it. They charge crazy money to go to the games and the NFL/NCAA think they run everything.. I haven't watched a game all year and my friends know how pissed I am by not watching or going to any games. Especially at the "Swamp". Although they did shitty as hell this year.. Oh well.
Check out this video..

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The NFL might have done Daniel Defense a favor. Its getting more publicity and doesn't have to fork over $2.5 million for the spot. I think it would have been great to see their ad during the big game, but the NFL has run scared of political issues forever.
I agree it might be better for D. Defense. It's just the point that they did what they did.. They have criminals playing for them that can get away with almost anything..
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It was the NFL that banned it. I'm sure they will get even more publicity now. It's just the point. Football is a violent sport! I'm sure most of us played it and we know what it's like. It's soooo sad that it has come down to this!! Players are out murdering,fighting,doing/selling drugs and even fighting dogs! But God forbid there is a gun commercial. What a ****ing crock of shit!!! I will NEVER watch a NFL game again!!!
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