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Newbie here...need opinions on a purchase

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Heading to the gun show. Need to know which is best to purchase....AK-47 or AR-15?

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Thanks Big Cheese....I will see what they have.

L the bike. Just sold my HD Fatboy. But my favorite I purchased in PC Thunder Beach....Big Dog Mastiff...what a bike that was! Chick on a bike lol
Thanks for your input sparky. What to you both think about the Bushmaster and M-16? I have shot the Bushmaster before. Got too close to the scope and it popped me right between the eyes.
Smitty....I didn't realize that the gun shows were more expensive. What is the price range on an AK, AR, M16 and Bushmaster? What do you think is good to pay?
Here is what I am most worried about and why I am asking you guys before I go. I am a female and don't want to be taken advantage of during my purchases. Any price range I need to look for?
For your first purchase, don't go too expensive. I like the M&P PSX, and got one with free add-ons for $1300.
Thanks Sparky. Maybe I will just look around and get ideas. Then focus on what I want to purchase.
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1 - 7 of 33 Posts
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