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Newbie here...need opinions on a purchase

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Heading to the gun show. Need to know which is best to purchase....AK-47 or AR-15?

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As a female, an AK47 is probably not going to be the better rifle for you, fully loaded with a 30 round mag and carrying spares it's going to be heavier overall, with more recoil and more likely harder to handle for you than an AR. I've got a good buddy who has an AK (M10) that is too much for him. It's important to find what weapon is best for the individual than simply which weapon is best in peoples opinion. Having owned quite a few AR's over the years, I only use piston AR's now and you might truly consider one as Sparky is suggesting above. There going to run much cleaner, cooler, stay lubricated longer and being much easier to care for overall than a standard direct impingement AR. There are DI's cheaper, but you can get a good base piston AR for about $1100 and go up from there. A high quality rifle can be one of the most important buys should this world go to crap like it's looking. As mentioned in other threads, the AR is the most popular and common defensive/offensive rifle in the US, not the AK. And there are tons of directions you can go with one to best suit it for you. A PSX version piston M&P 15 though has the railed hand guard, which you may not like or need and can always put one on later if you do.

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I thought I'd mention that while the AR-15 is the most commonly used defensive/offensive rifle in America, there are certainly other choices besides in rifles that atleast use the same round (5.56x45mm) and often use the same magazine. Some of them might be interesting to you like,


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Yeah, there's 5.56x45mm/.223 out there these days on the net. Like these guys. I used to do lots of business with them. I say used to, because they raised their prices up quite a bit playing on the scare and I don't think I'll use them anymore because of it. Other companies didn't and just sold out what they had and again when they got new in and I'd rather shop with them from now on.

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