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Newbie here...need opinions on a purchase

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Heading to the gun show. Need to know which is best to purchase....AK-47 or AR-15?

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A new AK-47 will shoot as good as a completely worn out AR-15.
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I had a couple of Bushmasters and they are good guns, check out Walmart prices before you go to a gun show. I agree with Smitty901 that gun show aren't the best value for new guns.
PS: If the scope hit you in the eye while shooting an AR-15 you probably weren't holding the rifle firmly enough against your shoulder the normal distance between an Acog scope and the eye is usually under 2 inches.

Remember not to skimp on a scope as it is just as critical in getting a good scope as the rifle.
Lucky Jim
The bullets you show are a 5.56x45, a 30-30 Winchester and a 7.62x51 not a 7.62 x39 which the AK-47 uses which is just a little more powerful than the 5.56x45. Even Russia that developed the AK-47 knows the 7.63x39 is obselete and switched over to a 5.45x39 which is even smaller than what the AR15 uses.

What I would suggest from reading Dragonfly's post is an AR-15 with a reflex scope that doesn't need batteries and have someone sight it in at 100 yards.

The reasoning is the 5.56 has very little recoil and a reflex sight she will not have to worry about the scope hitting her in the eye and the learning curve would be a fraction of the time and ammo it would take to learn an AK-47 with iron sights.
Even a child you can teach to use that setup in a few minutes and get good results just put the dot on where you want to hit just like the video games. Takes a lot of training to be able to use iron sights under stress and one of the reasons our soldiers have Acogs or Eotechs that sometime cost more than their rifle.
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The center round is a 30-30 Winchester made to be shot in a lever action.
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