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Newbie here...need opinions on a purchase

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Heading to the gun show. Need to know which is best to purchase....AK-47 or AR-15?

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To different worlds.
AK cheap, short range ,not real accurate but good enough, good short range stopping power. The take a beating and keep on firing. Prices are going up with the hype
AR 900 and up more expensive does not mean better. Good stopping power from up close to 450 meters in most hands, out 600 in trained hands with optics to match. Reliable no madder what you have read. ammo is light weight easy to carry. To many add ons available for it.
Take your time do your research. Know what you want,need why and can afford before you lay down cash.
Good luck
Gun shows today are the most expensive place to buy weapons.
Thanks for your input sparky. What to you both think about the Bushmaster and M-16? I have shot the Bushmaster before. Got too close to the scope and it popped me right between the eyes.
Avoid the carbon fiber ones.
Smitty....I didn't realize that the gun shows were more expensive. What is the price range on an AK, AR, M16 and Bushmaster? What do you think is good to pay?
All over the place right now.
AK 47 tricky it really depends on where and when it was made 600-1100 ball park
Same with AR.
Entry level cheap carbon fiber bushy 700-900 right now
Better Ar's like Colt 6920 1059-1200 don't pay 1200 for it
Many real good AR's either DI or gas piston low of 950 to 1300
Some higher end bagging rights models 1300-2100 really not worth it
A lot depends on what is on the AR pain fore grip on most low cost higher end may have a good free float with rail system. Weather or not that is a big deal depends on you.
Either way if you buy an AK or and AR you going to need to do tour home work and learn to use the sights correctly.
Your cash but better to take your time get educated and then make the leap.
I'm a Brit so what the hell do i know about guns, but I do know a little bit about the laws of physics, and those laws dictate that a bigger bullet hits harder.
Left to right:-5.56mm, .303", 7.62mm

Sure, a 5.56 flies faster, but it quickly loses its kinetic energy due to air drag making it useless at longer ranges.
Also, if the target is behind light cover such as a wood fence, car, saplings etc, much of the kinetic energy is lost penetrating that cover.
By comparison an AK-47 is a cannon and it's bigger round laughs at air drag and will go through light cover as if it's not there.
Hell, Charlie used AK's in Nam, but the US used 5.56's, there's a lesson there..;)

Also, AK's are rugged and simple to use, anybody can handle one-

7.62X39 is a 30 but has nothing behind it so it losses any advantage real fast. The reason there is so many of them cheap and no pays any royalty for copying them.
Stake dinner says I can make 500-600 meter shots all day with a 5.56.
I do own a couple 303 Enfields I enjoy shooting 1940's vintage have any spare mags around for them hard to come by.
That must be a 303 hunting round the issue was a sharp point.
1 - 4 of 33 Posts
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