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Newbie from south carolina

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Hello. I'm new to this site. I've started prepping but am looking for a checklist of sorts that is in order of importance. As a single mom of a 17 year old and a 10 month old my needs are a little different in certain areas but am looking for a general checklist of sorts. Any suggestions on a reliable website for heirloom vegetable seeds? Have found several but was wondering if anyone has tried them?? I am part of a group of friends/family who are prepping. There is safety in numbers!! I am also specifically looking at things in regards to my baby girl and the best way to prep for her needs since hers are different from mine. Any suggestions are appreciated :cool:
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Hi mom, welcome to the site, lots of people will be more than willing to help you out.
Welcome to the forum. We are working on actual checklists that you inquire about. Something that you can physically print off and have checkboxes.

Also, as you mentioned, there are special needs for people. Particularily with infants, teenagers and people with medications and other considerations. We will be touching subjects like this throughout the forum. Please ask ANY question over and over. If there is a thread that has already asked this question, and you do not understand or need some clarification, then please ask again until we get the answer for you. If we do not know it, then there will be people that research it for you.

Again, welcome to the forum. We are glad that you are here.
Welcome, you have a lot of great questions, unfortunately you are the only one that knows what is most important for your kids! Food, Water, Shelter, security, and medical usually are the 5.

We hope you find some answers or at least a direction to head! look foreword to your posts!
if you spot any good 15+ acre properties around you I'd love to know about them. Welcome to the site, keep an eye out for me
Thanks for the response. I do know of a few pieces of land down in the walterboro/ridgeville area. Will have to post the links for you. Are you looking in a certain area?
somewhere remote, that's my main thing. further into the sticks the better
Hi and welcome. I have been looking for heirloom seeds. I haven't purchased any yet, but I am going to this weekend.
The only one that I have found that you can buy individual seed packets from is has a good deal on a seed package right now.

Glad to have you here. I know what it is like to have a teenager and a toddler. Mine are grown now. They are 36, 20, and 18. It does bring special challenges. :p
Welcome to the forum from Texas, glad to have you here with us all. I like that avatar, ha ha ha. Hope to see you around and see you often.
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