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New prepper here

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Hey fella’s, my names Brent. Iv been having people come into my work lately telling me about the importance of staying ready for disasters of any kind. Wasn’t sure where to start gathering information from until I found this forum. I would appreciate any basic advice. (Mabye what kind of items I should have, self defense, alternative currency ect.)
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Welcome! youtube is a great resource. You can search here for recommendations on which channels to watch and trust.
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What channels do you watch personally? Thanks for the response!
There a few that I follow more regularly, but a decent number out there

i like
City Prepping
Sensible Prepper
Bear Independent
Survival Lily
Guildbrook Farme

I try to stay away from “doom-toobers”. These are folks who post click bait shock stories about impending doom and apocalypse. Ya, if you listen to these people for entertainment, fine.. However, if you take these people seriously, they’d have you cashing in your investments and retirement and buying tons of preps.. if the SHTF, this will seem like a genius move, but if it doesn’t, then you’re screwed…
1 - 2 of 55 Posts