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Hi i been studying coverups and secrets in the satanic elite that rules
the world for the past 3 years. Including Chateau De's Amerois -
and more and my brain actually turned a upside down in how i see the
world. I have deeply respect for all preppers because they know too that
something is on the way for the end but as i see it a lot of you guys
searching blind for all kinds of things that would be the end of the world.

So my main purpose for joining is to tell you 5 billion people will be killed
by the food we are eating.

Want to share this 5 video parts:

Watch them and share them!

And then have a look on how to improve the Zeitgeist Movement and have
a resource based economy instead of a financial based economy.

This is the way we together can save the planet and the 5 billion people
they planned to kill in the near future 15-25 years.

Have a nice day and hope i did not break any rules by mention what i am into
unfortunately i can't afford to buy my own farm and start producing my own food
at the moment.


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Welcome from Florida.
I too agree that those who control the food supply control the people. That is why my wife and I raise chickens for meat and eggs, and she also tends an organic garden for table vegetables.
This year when the weather cools (it's only 90 deg F in the shade today, a month ago it was 105 F) we are going to add another section 40 feet X 70 feet and put in fruit trees and more vegetable crops.
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