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Saw the online story about these some months back and am so intrigued. I've seen the first few hitting the auction web sites at ridiculous pricing - over $4k - and that was only for the rifle with the .308 upper. Have they even made 223 uppers or does any 223 upper go on top?

I love the idea of a rifle you can simply flip upper receivers / packages from 223 to 308. I'll have to save a long time and get my residencey in NV before I ever get one. But what a kick to have the M14/M16 platform one one receiver.

Anyone of you guys in free states seen one?

Here is a copy of the last ad for one in CA:

New COLT 901 Series 308
three magazines, case, and all the accessories they ship
Price $4900 take it or leave it - I DONT CARE
Don't whine to me about retail - Find one if you think
you can.
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