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Need some input on a rifle for my wife

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Hi everyone
I own a few guns and sold some of them so I could consolidate the ammo I need down to 4 or 5 different rounds.i was thinking of getting my wife a 9mm of some sort. But I've never shot any other handgun round rifle other than a hipoint 9mm and it was a good shooter but I didn't like the mags you had to buy for it. I was thinking of getting a kel tec sub 2000 in 9mm so the ammo will match the handguns I already have. Do any of you have experience with this gun.also in considering getting the kel tec su16 for myself. Just looking for some info on these.
Thanks James.
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Ok thanks guys
I have been thinking of building/buying an ar for sometime now. my friend has went through a few of I have had a lot of chances to shoot everything from the 5.7 upper,standard ar15 to an ar10. The recoil IMO is nothing compared to my old ak47 I use to have a few years back. My only issue right now with an ar15 is not being able to buy the lowers and uppers I want without waiting 6-8 months to get one. I was also considering getting another ak47 because, I knew it like the back of my hand and the ammo is almost half the price of .223/556. I'm sure she can handle the recoil and get use to the gun after enough practice with it. But I'm still at a crossroads though......
I've always liked the camp 9s what mags do they use
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Thanks for the links I haven't been to that web sight before. I was looking for spikes tactical lowers but the prices have gone down enough I can just buy a whole gun for what I was going to build one for....Out of all of the brands which one would you suggest? My friend had a rock river arms ar and never had any issues with it and his 5.7ar had a spikes tactical lower in it.
Thanks again
For the wife I would suggest a AR-15 because it is light, low recoil, and with a pistol grip and charging handle, easy to manipulate. I have had bad luck with Kel-Tec and couldn't recommend them.
Ok thanks for the input. I don't think she would have any issues with An ar15. I just want something for her that she will actually want to go out and shoot and get good with and not hate every time she had to use it. She hates my old ak47 lol..
I like this one...

What is that maintenance/reliability like on a non piston ar and how many rounds can be put through one before cycling issues start happening?
I've used and really like the mbus sights
Thanks for the help btw
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Man those are sweet, I've wanted one since they came out. I think it would be to much for for me..... It would look good on the rack inside my jeep😁
So we made the choice that I would get an ar15 first and let my wife shoot mine and get use to it before we went out and got her one. On Saturday I ended up going to the gun shop I always go to and talked to the guys there about what I wanted. And I ended up with this

(Mine does not have a front sight)
I was kinda worried because I've never seen the brand before but they told me out of all the people they have sold them to they haven't had any issues and if I had any issues just bring it to them and they will take care of it. Now all I need to do is get some flip up sights and find a good low powered scope for it. another plus is they are made in Florida .
Sweet gun!!! Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of getting a 1-4 power scope and getting the offset iron sights. Have you had any experience with the offset sights? Also what is a good brake in process for these guns?
The best idea is to let your wife try several different rifles and choose for herself. I think that an AR is an excellent choice because of it's versatility and low recoil. I put a EOTech 512 on which makes it very quick for acquiring targets. I went with the 512 model because it uses AA batteries which would be a real plus if getting new batteries becomes a problem. I can always use rechargeable batteries and charge them by using simple solar lights like some people have along their drives and sidewalks and are sold at just about every garden type store. But once again, in the end it's what you wife likes and is comfortable with shooting.
I really like the eotechs. I was thinking about getting one with the magnifier,but the price is really out there. I've been asking her a million questions on these guns she told me she does not want iron sights. Which I'm still going to put some kind of flip ups or off sets on it, and she wants a 16 inch gun like what we have now. What I'm thinking of doing is, if this gun works out well I'm just going to get the exact same one and change the furniture to whatever she likes. She likes crosshair scopes so I'm probably going to get another low power one. My other hope is to build an ar15 completely from parts(it's one of the things on my bucket list) but I want to build a 18/20 inch barrel "varmint"gun.
Another thing we are thinking of doing is,here next to us in Tampa there is a place that offers tactical shooting and gun fighting classes. We both are looking into taking there handgun and rifle class together once we have all the needed gear for the classes and she wants to get more confidence shooting because she doesn't like shooting in front of people she doesn't know or that are d-bags like my friend.
Thanks again
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