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Need some input on a rifle for my wife

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Hi everyone
I own a few guns and sold some of them so I could consolidate the ammo I need down to 4 or 5 different rounds.i was thinking of getting my wife a 9mm of some sort. But I've never shot any other handgun round rifle other than a hipoint 9mm and it was a good shooter but I didn't like the mags you had to buy for it. I was thinking of getting a kel tec sub 2000 in 9mm so the ammo will match the handguns I already have. Do any of you have experience with this gun.also in considering getting the kel tec su16 for myself. Just looking for some info on these.
Thanks James.
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I have 2 of the chrome Sub2000's and they have been perfect for me no issues at all. I like they can take the extended Glock mags and that gives' me 33+1.
I also have a KT SU-16 that I converted to an E model and it too has been flawless after 300 rounds or so thru it. I also have several other KelTec products and
they certainly work for me, your mileage may vary?
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