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Need a new Handgun

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I've been contemplating the purchase of a new handgun for months. Right now my main full size is a Ruger P89, love it. Built like a tank and will eat anything. My EDC is a Ruger LC9. Great little gun and accurate enough. Eats everything I've put through it so far. Bought a S&W SD40 VE last fall and have been trying to like the 40cal, but just haven't fell in love with it yet. Since my wife doesn't like shooting the 40, I'm looking for a strike fired 9. I've debated several guns and am now down to the S&W M&P 9 or a Glock. I hate online reviews because people skew them to their own likes and dislikes. I'm torn now as to whether it's time to just get a Glock and not look back, or get the S&W. If anyone has either a Glock or S&W M&P 9, I'd like to hear your thoughts. I don't know much about the Glocks and the different flavors they offer. Thanks.
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I don't think you will go wrong with a glock, XD, or M&P. I have shot them all and they are all very reliable and do what they were designed to do. I would suggest trying each of them out at your LGS.

I moved to M&Ps due to feeling best in my hand when I shot it and having the M&P22 as an additional (cheaper) training option. Also, I was able to purchase storm lake conversion barrels in 9mm for my M&P40s. They run 9mm perfectly with just a barrel and magazine switch out. It will run 9mm from 40 cal mags, but I feel more confident in feeding using 9mm mags.

There are some complaints out there about the trigger on the M&P. S&W copied apex tactical's trigger kit so new guns coming off the line have that problem solved. Spare mags are hard to find right now due to the surge.

As far as 9mm vs 40, my former department tested them both thoroughly and found very little ballistic difference when using modern bullets.
On the S&W you can only go 40 to 9mm.

9 to 40 is a no go due to the breech face being too narrow for the 40 cal case head. Some guys just put a factory 9mm barrel in the 40 slide and go. I won't storm lake since they were designed to do the conversion. You can get them for any M&P model (FS, comp, pro) with or without comp or threads as well as standard.
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