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Need a new Handgun

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I've been contemplating the purchase of a new handgun for months. Right now my main full size is a Ruger P89, love it. Built like a tank and will eat anything. My EDC is a Ruger LC9. Great little gun and accurate enough. Eats everything I've put through it so far. Bought a S&W SD40 VE last fall and have been trying to like the 40cal, but just haven't fell in love with it yet. Since my wife doesn't like shooting the 40, I'm looking for a strike fired 9. I've debated several guns and am now down to the S&W M&P 9 or a Glock. I hate online reviews because people skew them to their own likes and dislikes. I'm torn now as to whether it's time to just get a Glock and not look back, or get the S&W. If anyone has either a Glock or S&W M&P 9, I'd like to hear your thoughts. I don't know much about the Glocks and the different flavors they offer. Thanks.
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Well, you've narrowed it down to two quality brands. My duty weapon is a Glock 22 (.40 Cal) and it is issued. Great gun, shoots well, reliable. This is the second G22 I've had for work purposes. Can't complain, especially since it's "free". ::clapping:: The M&P's are another great system. I was never a big Smith fan until they came out with the M&P Series.

Long ago, I had been a rabid Ruger fan. I've owned the P85, P89, P90, as well as several revolvers (GP100, Security Six, Speed Six, SP101, 3 Vaquero's, a Blackhawk and Super Blackhawk). After being issued striker fired auto's (a Sigma - not a bad gun but soon replaced by a Glock) I found I could no longer "shoot" the Double Action/Single Action Rugers without seriously having to think about it. Striker fired pistols provide a consistent "every time" pull. Think Double Action Only. Whereas the Rugers have a ridiculous DA pull, then, what seems like a 6" pull to the rear to release the hammer once it's in SA.

With that said, I have never personally purchased a Glock for my very own. I just don't like them enough to want to buy one for myself. And it's purely aesthetics. That's it. I mean, I've counted on a Glock to be there when I need it so I kind of view it as a work tool. It's just a little too "boxy" and "plain" for me. Which it what makes it a great work gun. Accessories are readily available for Glock's. Lights, holsters, mags, sights, bayonets etc. You have aftermarket options exceeded only by the 10/22.

With all that said, I have never fired an M&P. I've handled them, and a bunch of the people I work with say they are great guns. Everything, for the most part, you could hope for out of the box. S&W hit it on the head with their M&P Line. From center-fire to rim-fire counterparts that make training with the "same gun" much, much cheaper.

The XD series is another line that I would recommend. I've owned one and I loved it.

And don't discount the .40 either. It's a good round. The recoil is definitely "different" but completely manageable once you become accustomed to its characteristics. The 9mm is recoil friendly, but in my opinion, a little on the meek side. Though an excellent round out of a carbine. I'm a huge fan of the .45; big and slow. The recoil though heavy, is slow. The .40 provides a nice medium. Bigger than the 9mm and faster than the .45; but the recoil is snappy. The whole experience in shooting a .40 is fast.

Obviously, pick what works for you. I, as I'm sure many others here have done, purchased the "had to have" whatever, only to suffer a devastating episode of buyers remorse. But I don't think you can go wrong with the Glock, the M&P or the XD. Especially for the money and versatility. If I had the money in my pocket, and was looking to buy, I'd probably come home with an M&P in .40

Or a Hi-point with matching carbine for the same price....:grin:::rambo::
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