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I work for an Independent TV Production Company in London, and we are working on a documentary that would be looking at all aspects of Prepping and Survivalism in the UK, from new starters to established preppers and survival experts. It will also look across the diverse reasons to as why people prep from economic breakdown and rising food prices to SHTF scenarios.

We are trying to talk to people in the UK involved in prepping/survivalism who are happy to tell us a bit about their preps and why they prep. Ideally we want to feature as wide a range of preppers as possible to show a truthful representation of the UK prepping scene. We understand this can be a sensitive secretive topic, and we do take that very seriously, and will ensure that anyone appearing is happy with what's being shown.

It would be great to speak to some of you further about your experiences with prepping and find out more about yourself. It will give UK preppers a chance to explain the importance of prepping in the present world we live in.

If you would like to know more please reply to my email or drop me a line it would be much appreciated- my contact details are:

[email protected]
0203 189 3303

I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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