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National Fast Food Day

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So, today is the day that the fast food workers are supposedly going on strike demanding $15 per hour. Therefore, even if you hate fast food like me, today is the day to shell out a few bucks and eat at your local McDonald's or Wendy's in support of your local franchisee. If they do actually "strike", it may not be quite as "fast", but it may encourage the franchisees to fire their sorry asses!
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The only thing I like from fast food is french fries, other than that, I hardly eat fast food
Are they really striking for 15/hr?! Puh-LEASE! Fire them, they aren't worth 15/hr.While it would be nice to make that much, they gotta go down the same road as the rest of us
I believe min. wage should reflect inflation, but if everyone else's wages are not going up, then F it, make them work like the rest of us having to get 2 and 3 jobs to take care of our household.
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