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National Fast Food Day

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So, today is the day that the fast food workers are supposedly going on strike demanding $15 per hour. Therefore, even if you hate fast food like me, today is the day to shell out a few bucks and eat at your local McDonald's or Wendy's in support of your local franchisee. If they do actually "strike", it may not be quite as "fast", but it may encourage the franchisees to fire their sorry asses!
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Wait, who wants fifteen dollars an hour? Fast food workers? They do work pretty hard, maybe they deserve it.
They don't deserve it!
Just in case this is in response to my post earlier, I hope everyone realizes that was tongue in cheek. Considering I just finished ranting about this the other day. :D
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Wait, trades used to be popular? Says who? I keep getting this line stuffed down my throat that nobody here wants to work trades (unskilled and skilled) because they're menial jobs. That's why we've sent all of our production overseas, and illegal aliens work the rest of the jobs for half the price our citizens were so unfairly demanding?

Maybe it's true. People don't value a hard days work anymore. I used to come home dirtier than a homeless kid, and so tired I could barely make dinner in a microwave. Best damn feeling in the world, that was. Should have never left.
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