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National Fast Food Day

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So, today is the day that the fast food workers are supposedly going on strike demanding $15 per hour. Therefore, even if you hate fast food like me, today is the day to shell out a few bucks and eat at your local McDonald's or Wendy's in support of your local franchisee. If they do actually "strike", it may not be quite as "fast", but it may encourage the franchisees to fire their sorry asses!
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I think it would give me a heart attack.

Food Ingredient Bun Sandwich Staple food

Just imagine what this crap does to your insides.
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So true, We wouldn't eat that kind of food. not only good for a heart attack look what it is doing to the kids today, most of them are way over weight. Mom and Dad are partly to blame for feeding them this junk food. Would like too see them win their battle and these places have to raise the prices so high that no one would eat there and drive them out of business and yes the employees would lose their jobs but at least these places would be gone, mission accomplished.
If you look at the photo, that food has been sitting in the open air for 171 days and it hasn't changed because of all the preservatives.
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One more reason, in October 2008 they found a tumor in my sigmoid colon and bladder, went thru surgery and they found a rare type called plasmablastic lymphoma and was given 25% chance of making it. went thru chemo twice and ended up in Moffett cancer research center in Tampa for a month. They did a stem cell/bone marrow transplant, they were able to take my stem cells and clean them up and transfuse them back well this process kills your whole immune system I spent the next two years getting all my baby and childhood shots again. When I left the hospital with no immune system one of the strict rules were NO FAST FOOD RESTURAUNTS for at least 6 months preferably never could only go to sit down places and eat only well cooked meat and vegetable's. Tells me they know what crap is in that food. Here it is 2013 beat the odds and going strong. surprised the hell out of my doctors.
Good to hear you made and I hope all is well now.
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