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hey n00b-prepper.
I'm new to the forum as well and have thought about mylar for food storage. We have a scratch and dent grocier by us that we can get smokin' deals on dry goods and have stocked up. We're at a point where I want to start packaging the goods and will be using 5 gal buckets with mylar.
I'm prepping for my better half (cough cough) and myself... :)
Now being the noid that I am, I plan to portion the rice, flour etc into smaller bags before going into a mylar lined bucket and I'm wondering what size people are using for this?! My thought process is, if you have 1 that goes bad, the rest will be good.....
I've been looking at this site...

Which seems to have great prices on mylay...

My thought is...1/2 gallon or 1 gallon...

Anyone have thoughts....
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