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I am pretty sure that mylar is every prepper's favorite kind of plastic. I know I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get my wife to dress in it for years.

We do use mylar bags inside of 5 gal. food grade buckets (with gamma seal lids and o2 absorbers) for storing dry goods for the medium term - not more than 5 years. This is stuff like rice, flour, sugar, salt, etc. A couple of the guys here have some really good ideas for storing stuff in mylar that I had not thought of. I think it was paraquack that had a post a couple days ago where he was talking about mylar bags with a ziplock top that he used for storage of dry goods. I do not know where he got them but it sounded like a GREAT idea to me.

The last few time we have bought them, we have used these guys and have been pretty happy with the service and the prices:
Best Prices on Quality Mylar Bags and Oxygen Asborbers
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