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Ok so. Diary from the winch thread, you guys know the score there. They (come to find out) needed 3900 F***** dollars to make the FJ bug out vehicle winch ready and even then I had to sacrifice mileage and handling for just a lousy winch. The ability to self recover for a bug out vehicle is a must have! I could not just leave it without a way to self recover. That's a big no.

Ok so I also got REALLY bad legs. I mean toddler/old man bad. Closer to toddler.

Killed two birds with one stone.

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I call it the winch. It's a Linhai-Yamaha 400 Big Horn ATV. It's basically a Yamaha (Linhai has built their engines and trannies for like 50 years, Chinese company) and they spent some money and got Linhai started up in China. First thing I thought- Oh Chinese crap. Then I remembered the Yamaha motorbikes I rode back in the high school days. I had a rare sportbike called a Yamaha SRX, was a monster that needed very little maintenance. Then I had a XS 400 twin I turned into a cafe racer. Was a little pig I rode the hell out of and sold for as much as I bought it after riding two sets of tires off it. Yamaha makes some great vehicles, they're sturdy and reliable, so I went over had a look see at these Linhai machines.

Jokers been treating me like a chump at Bass pro and Yamaha. They want me in a 800 4x4 big bear Yamaha for 8 grand or nothing. Pathetic. Not willing to budge an inch.

Honda was similar, their reps even getting smartass at my offers. Is this crap not like buying a car? I know how much the units came out of the factory for, I used to sell cars myself.

Bass pro Arctic cat pissed me off bigtime because I know those machines are just suzuki engines on independently built bodies. They are the evil twin of Linhai. A little cheaper than mainstream, Asian built but different. That's their demographic. They figure they can hit American customers up, compete with other brands for a profit, and they're right. There are people who will compromise and I am one of them. BUT this little story actually has a happy ending. I found a Chinese/Japanese brand 4 wheeler you can afford and that rocks.

It's really just a Yamaha. But it gets cooler from there. The more I got looking into it, the more I got impressed.

Fully independent suspension, it has car shocks and springs on it. Full-on car. Just let that sink in. McPherson type. On a 400 4-wheeler.

It has a liquid cooled 28hp engine. The tranny is fully automatic and doesn't even have gears. It's obviously hydraulic from the sound and it is solid like a rock. I got going way WAY faster than anyone rightfully should on the pavement and it scared the hell out of me. They are installing a winch and tow ball on monday. TBH there is a squeaking when I take off, it's a belt that I'll bring up. That belt I will make sure is good and I have three spares. I got to looking into this wheeler I just bought and found like major big upgrades most ATV's don't have just standard. They come in about 300-400 bucks lower than an arctic cat but they got great frames and awesome power/grip. These things have many features you have to pay into just standard. Everything is steel aside from the very thick lexan box/rack on the front that can handle 150lbs.

It's a little tractor. It can pull the FJ out of a hole in low like it's a sack of rocks. In mud as you see. It has underseat storage and the front rack is a toolbox. I would say after about two hours of testing this thing is up to snuff. It's almost like a Yamaha but with a custom body. I can even go street legal in some places, it has blinkers.
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