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My first Rifle, for bugging out.

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I have never purchased a rifle before, well any gun actually. I have shot some, but it is time for me to get a rifle.

I have been keeping an eye out for one rifle I really like. The Remington Model 770 30-06 Springfield or 308 Win

I was wondering if this could be a great rifle for hunting, and protection in the woods against wild life and/or humans and of course bugging out.


Here are some pictures of the price of the rifle, and ammo.

Rem Model 770 W/ Scope - $297.00

308 Win 165/180 Grain Deer Thug Federal Ammunition
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My neighbors have a couple in 270 and 30/06. They have been over shooting at my range, sighting them in. I will have to say I was very impressed with them. Both are just as accurate as my Remy 700's. Even better than a neighbors Browning, as far as shooting groups on paper.

I would say it's a very good choice for a first rifle. Especially given the price, accuracy etc. I would go with the 308 cause of the shorter action. However, it's easier to find 30/06 shells. Both calibers will easily do everything to fill your needs.
I know the price is great under 400MSRP. I was debating whether or not to go with the 30-06 because my friend has a 30-06 and he has plenty of ammo. I will just borrow some from him if needed in a situation. I will be looking into buying one of these, on my local AFB.
Okay I have read all of the posts. I went to my local Wal-Mart and found one for $297.00 SCOPED.
This won't be my first time shooting as I shoot my buddies 30-06 during the summer at the range.

I am fine with it being a bigger rifle and used for bigger game, I have a .22Pistol not sure what brand I keep it in my safe and haven't checked it in a while, but I am not of age to legally carry it yet. So I will definatly use that in a SHTF scenario. The pistol would be for small game and human defense. I am fine with it being what is listed in other posts from users. I am okay with it being Bigger game hunting, loud, heavier, and not for human defense. I know it is a decent ranged weapon, but for 300$ that is a deal. Next monday I am going in and getting this.
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Here are some pictures of the price of the rifle, and ammo.

Rem Model 770 W/ Scope - $297.00

308 Win 165/180 Grain Deer Thug Federal Ammunition
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Again, at the risk of being beaten with hammers or called an outcast - I do not like, nor advocate, buying a .22 caliber anything - ever. As I've said repeatedly, unless you're hunting rabbits or small game, it's a rather useless caliber to me and even more so in a SHTF scenario.

Having said that, for the price point you're at, the 770 with a basic scope on it is quite a bargain at that price - it's not going to be a great defense weapon like and AR or AK is, but it is a good all-around rifle that can reach long distances with reliability and put large game down to keep the family fed if you live in good hunting territory. As for the ammo, don't go nuts buying the expensive Wally-World ammo (and I would definitely go with .308 for what it's worth - just a better cartridge all the way around than the rather dated .30-06). Buy one or two boxes of the expensive soft-point stuff if you like, but you can get Russian import FMJ .308 at Academy for $12 a box, and better still, Sportsman's Guide has some fantastic zinc-coated Barnaul .308 (sold under the "Colt" name) for $10 a box and it shoots fantastic.

Good luck with the rifle, I don't think you can go wrong there, just get you a good semi-auto rifle or pistol as soon as finances allow to give you a bit more rapid-fire capability should you need it. ::redsnipe::
First off I want to say that using a .22 would not be useless. Check this video out, disregard the whole "Zombie" thing going on.

Like the top comment says,
".22lr was the mafias caliber of choice. More silent than most but it gets the job done. I dont prefer a 22 for self defense but I don't doubt its killing potential."

Where's my hammer?!? ;-)

I've been putting food on my table for 40 years using a .22 rifle and a 12 guage shotgun. .22 for squirrel, rabbit, deer...damn near anything that will sit still for a minute. 12 guage for deer and birds. If you're open to buying can get one of each and stay within your budget. Anyone that can't hunt and defend themselves with a's most likely more a matter of the shooter, and not the gun.
Exactly you can find plenty of people killed by a .22 and people that can hunt just fine with a .22. Like most guns are, it is all preference and skill.
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