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My first Rifle, for bugging out.

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I have never purchased a rifle before, well any gun actually. I have shot some, but it is time for me to get a rifle.

I have been keeping an eye out for one rifle I really like. The Remington Model 770 30-06 Springfield or 308 Win

I was wondering if this could be a great rifle for hunting, and protection in the woods against wild life and/or humans and of course bugging out.


Here are some pictures of the price of the rifle, and ammo.

Rem Model 770 W/ Scope - $297.00

308 Win 165/180 Grain Deer Thug Federal Ammunition
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I have a Ruger American in .308 and love it. With my reloads (nothing special) I get .7" at 100 yards and 1.2" at 200 yds. resting on a log. Bullet is a Hornady 155 gr A-Max over Hodgdon 223 powder. Glass is a Nikon Buckmasters 4.5-14X40 mildot scope.
It doesn't matter what you shoot! Get real damned good with it(practice+1000+) 'cause in an emergency you won't be as good. Your life may depend on it! A decent .22 is a bunch better than rocks!!! One of my best buds has taken many deer with an old Nylon 66 .22. And if you're using it for SD, usually someone that gets a .22 caliber hole (or 10) is gonna rethink what he's doin.jmho
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