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My first Rifle, for bugging out.

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I have never purchased a rifle before, well any gun actually. I have shot some, but it is time for me to get a rifle.

I have been keeping an eye out for one rifle I really like. The Remington Model 770 30-06 Springfield or 308 Win

I was wondering if this could be a great rifle for hunting, and protection in the woods against wild life and/or humans and of course bugging out.


Here are some pictures of the price of the rifle, and ammo.

Rem Model 770 W/ Scope - $297.00

308 Win 165/180 Grain Deer Thug Federal Ammunition
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A good hunting rifle for sure whether in .308 or .30-06. Not so good for defense from humans compared to a true modern fighting rifle of which you'll be going against. But you've got to start somewhere. Personally in that price range I'd prefer a good ole Marlin .30-30 Win., as I can get shots off faster with one and reload the tube magazine from a bandoleer. You can reload the 770 faster with a new mag, but how many mags are you going to have ready for it compared to the 50 to 100 rounds on a bandoleer you can have ready. .30-30 has taken a huge amount of game in America since the 1800's when it first came out too and has made some nice holes in humans also. .308 and .30-06 are much harder hitting and have much longer range, but you'll not be using it for a long time to come till you learn to shoot long distance, if ever. .30-30 is quite capable in common hunting and fighting range.

Marlin 336Y Spike Horn 30-30 16" Hardwood Stock $370.00 SHIPS FREE

Marlin Firearms Galati Gear Rifle Bandoleer: Sports & Outdoors
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I would suggest getting a 10/22 also, but also, as it's not a defensive rifle. A good .22lr is an essential prepper gun in my opinion though. .22lr will take so much common small game it's funny. And there basically is no recoil.
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