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Ok so first off this is just thoughts and ideas from the 'dark and unholy, warped and twisted recesses of my mind' (at least that's how my mum describes it). So it's personal to me and and sort of a relief to finally get it out fully. Please feel free to make any comments and leave any thoughts you may have, having grown up around the RAF (Royal Air Force) here in the UK it takes a HUGE amount of provocation to get me angry.

BUT if you dont read this fully and say something stupid expect to get 'smacked up side the head' by my sarcasm ;-) I am British after all.

Right so first I am going to list what I expect the three most likely LARGE scale disasters that would necessitate a GTFO call. These will be from what I think would be the most likely to the least, but again this is just me.

1) The most likely thing I think would trigger a GTFO call would be getting hit with a HUGE Coronal Mass Ejection that causes the power grid to become hyper-saturated with current. This will cause most if not all active distribution and transformer stations to catastrophically overload blacking out our modern electricity energy western civilization. Now I expect that most electrical devices connected to the mains that are not surge-protected (I like 'Surgemasters' for this) will get fried but I doubt that any battery powered devices including mobiles (cell-phones for those over the pond) will survive, they may get shut down or crash during the surge of electrical energy in the atmosphere but I think that most of them will survive with a restart or reset to factory settings. There is an up-ish side to this sort of event in that everyone has been through a blackout of some description at some time or other so I think there will be a period of peace to begin with as to begin with most people will not realise to begin with that the situation would be that widespread and this will also provide an opportunity to GTFO BEFORE the hordes in the large cities and towns start to run out of food, water, heat and medical care. Because when this happens first all those with access to transport will try and find refuge in the suburbs and beyond, while those who have little income to begin with will end up being preyed on by the criminal gangs and eventually will try and get out and as they do so they will have been so abused that they will do whatever they need too to survive. I will come back in later sections with ideas for prepping for this.

2) Next most (least ;) ) likely I think would be a moderate size asteroid impact into the Pacific, Atlantic or the Canada, US, Mexico (well the north anyway) North American landmass. This eventuality I don't see as a huge risk because of the initial impact as that I think will be rather binary, you ether survive the impact and its immediate effects, say 2 weeks to 2 months. This I think will be a danger because during the event and its aftermath the government (Federal in the case of the US) will enact a VAST raft of emergency powers that will 'temporarily' restrict peoples rights and even totally remove some of them. I also envisage that in an event of this magnitude the government will also size large amounts of private property with 'perhaps' a promise for compensation at some later date. What I envisage as the greatest threat for a situation like this is that the government will retain a significant portion of the powers they take and deciding that by keeping these powers they no longer need to compensate those who they have seized property from. I can even see them extending the criminalization of ordinary citizens who have chosen to take a few simple precautions and extend it both beyond the aftermath of the event and retroactively to before the causal event.

3) Yellowstone, well, do I need to say more :D Ok ok as you are twisting my arm. I realise that a properly major eruption from Yellowstone is theoretically due-ish and of the many 'least likely' scenarios to my mind it's probably the most likely that any prepper or MAG (Mutual Assistance Group) can prepare for with any reasonable chance for surviving. I think that in this eventuality we could well see the worst aspects of both of the above scenarios combined with the growing season being severely affected for several years and perhaps no external growing season for a few years to begin with (I have ideas about that I will get into later on). A slightly positive side to the severity of this event from the preppers perspective is that there would RAPIDLY be a die off of large swathes of the population and by the time any raiders could get mobile there will be such a scarcity of easily to grab supplies they most of them wont be able to roam far before ether settling down or starving, getting killed off.

Right well those are the three I think most likely, from here on I will be talking about some sorta random thoughts about prepping and some things I have been thinking about in a little more depth.

I will start this set of semi-random thoughts with some ideas that have been rattling round my head in regards to MAG's and what I think are areas that the group should spend the time, energy and money needed over and above each members individual ideas for preps that I think would enhance the groups overall chances for long term survival and would also while perhaps not being ideally suited to the individuals would greatly simplify long term prep logistics.

First as has been stated by many members on this forum and others, DOGS, dogs and dogs. But for the long term it would be helpful for the members of a MAG to coordinate on selecting only a few breeds at most and from different bloodlines so that the dogs can be bred as needed to keep these entertainingly nutty helpers around. I am thinking breeds like the Border Collie, Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog. Now those choices are heavily influenced by my preference for those types of dog, I hold my hands up to that quite freely. However I do think that overall breed health and utility is something that a dedicated prepper should think about if they don't already have dogs. If you do already have dogs, well then most dogs can be trained up to be useful and productive working animals you just have to take into mind what your dogs are physically capable off. I mean Corgi's wont be able to pull a small cart the way a Bernese or two can but then they are small enough to help keep the population of rats down to a manageable level more easily than the larger breeds can.

Firearms. Now this I understand is a somewhat contentious issue as the choice of firearms is an extremely personal thing. That being said however there is quite a large amount of logistical simplification that can be achieved while still allowing for (I think) 'enough' personal choice. Purely from a security point of view if the 'defence active' members of a MAG have a side-arm, a combat mag-fed semi-auto rifle, a defence/hunting shotgun and a bolt action hunting/sniping rifle with the weapons in each category at the least in the same calibre and using the same mags. This will simplify the logistics not only in a defence situation but also for stocking and resupply of BIS (Bug In Supplies), BOB and BOL. Going even further beyond that if the members of a MAG can agree on specific weapons to buy and use it would simplify logistics even further as the group can lay in a larger but less diverse set of tools and parts to maintain these weapons. Just off the top of my head an example list could be say Glock 17, ACR, Benelli M4 and a Remington 700 in .308. With this list all you would have to lay in would be Glock 17 + STANAG 5.56 mags and ammo or ammo + reloading supplies in 9mm, .223, 12-guage and .308. I know this is something that may well not happen but it is something that I think is worth at least discussing because of the advantages it can offer.

Cultivation at the BOL is something that I think should NOT be started or even have the ground prepared for until the midden meets the windmill, this is so that in the event that hikers or other random people wander into the BOL before it needs to be fired up fully it will just look like a cabin or group of cabins in the woods for people to use to get away for a few days. Now you should select the location of a BOL with the possibility of needing to turn a chunk of the land to cultivation if needed in mind, but what with having to clear the ground it will take a few years to become fully productive. In order to shorten the time without fresh produce and even when the main cultivation land IS up and running at full steam a GREAT idea is to have hidden in a (probably buried) supply cache both several Poly Tunnels and bags of compost as not only are Poly Tunnels fairly inexpensive but they are easy to erect and work just great for growing fruit and veg over a longer growing season. They will also provide the MAG with a chance to work up to tending the full area of cultivation while at the same time providing some fresh produce to use both to stretch out the reserved food stockpile and give it a boost in taste.

Right well I think I will leave it there as I didn't realise when I started this it would end up quite this long a post and to be perfectly honest there are a few ideas I would rather not share on a public forum.

Anyway for what its worth there it is.
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