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Ok my BOV isn't emp proof (yet) but, it was available at one hell of a price (free) so I couldn't really pass it up.

It's a 2002 Ford Expedition 4x4 with the 5.4l V8. It has a 26 gallon fuel tank, magnaflow exhaust, k&n filter, and 12,000lb winch.

I like it because it has ample room, it's very capable off road, I put a 12,000 pound winch on it, and the 5.4l 2v was put in a LOT of Fords from 1997-2003. That and I know for a fact it'll still run a solid 40mph even with the top end blown. It's also fairly low mileage (125,000) and can tow. Also, I've seen a police chase video where there is one running on 3 wheels.

My goals are to make it a less conspicuous color that will blend into foliage, and beef it up. Also, to add various storage to it.

I don't have any pictures (also it won't be a bad thing to keep it a secret) but it will probably be getting a little armor as well.

Besides the top end going out once (previous owner was not the best at maintaining it) the truck has had little problems. Well, and the crappy battery it has now that won't hold a charge. But so far nothing will stop this thing. Of course I haven't encountered an emp either, so that's the rough part. I guess I'll just have to hope that won't be the SHTF scenario.
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