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My 500a

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Just picked this Mosberg up, it's nothing fancy but I like it!:smile:

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Nice shooter!

56 rounds, quick to grab and go, doesn't add weight / bulk to the gun impairing your ability to use it like side saddles do, comfortable to carry (as much so as any 56 rounds of 12ga. can be :D), excellent quality, and under $20 delivered!
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Hi Seneca, the 590 is a nice scatter gun indeed, it is a bit longer which gives you one more shell than the 500. Being on a budget, the 500 suites me fine. I'm open to any advise on mods, probably won't change much but I would like to add sights or maybe even a red dot optic or something. Any ideas? Thanks,Mike
Mossberg 500 was my first gun as a kid. I put THOUSANDS of rounds through that thing and it never hiccuped once ever. Unless your interested in adding features like a light, different sights, stocks and such just to fit your needs better. I personally don't think they can be improved on!

I say that as someone who no longer owns a Mossberg at all (because I gave mine to a good friend who needed it more than me), and as someone who DOES own a Remington 870 that I've added all kinds of modifications to (most to address known reliability issues). So I think my opinions pretty unbiased.

I WILL say the 870 trigger is MILES better. But not in any way that makes it more reliable.
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