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My 500a

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Just picked this Mosberg up, it's nothing fancy but I like it!:smile:

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Very nive big dog! I looked at the 590 and the Stevens both. I ended up with the 500 because I couldn't beat the price!

The Mossberg line of 500's has been a long time favorite of mine the 500A, 500C and 500E. I've wanted a 590A1 for some time, yet in all honesty and with my situation the modest upgrades the 590A1 provides wouldn't justify the extra expense. Still want one...

Very nice, You will probably get some advice on modding, yet the basic shotgun, such as you posted will serve you quite well.
Hi Seneca, the 590 is a nice scatter gun indeed, it is a bit longer which gives you one more shell than the 500. Being on a budget, the 500 suites me fine. I'm open to any advise on mods, probably won't change much but I would like to add sights or maybe even a red dot optic or something. Any ideas? Thanks,Mike
Mossberg 500 was my first gun as a kid. I put THOUSANDS of rounds through that thing and it never hiccuped once ever. Unless your interested in adding features like a light, different sights, stocks and such just to fit your needs better. I personally don't think they can be improved on!

I say that as someone who no longer owns a Mossberg at all (because I gave mine to a good friend who needed it more than me), and as someone who DOES own a Remington 870 that I've added all kinds of modifications to (most to address known reliability issues). So I think my opinions pretty unbiased.

I WILL say the 870 trigger is MILES better. But not in any way that makes it more reliable.
Agreed, I've put more shells thru my 870 than any of my others. It is the "Express Magnum" with 28" barrel. Mostly clay shootin' but its taken its share of doves as well. I actually considered buying a shorter barrel and tube extension for it but I would've paid about the same $ as I bought the 500 for so I figure I did ok having both!:D best regards, Mike
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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