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Must See SHTF / EOTWAWKI / Survival Movies

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My top 10:

#1. Idiocracy - MUST SEE!!!

#2. Road Warrior (ALL of them, even Beyond Thunder Dome)

#3. Jeremiah Jones

#4. I am Legend (better than Omega Man imo)

#5. The Book of Eli

#6. Zombieland

#7. The Postman

#8. Shawn of the Dead

#8. Water World

#9. The Day After Tommarow

#10. The Hunger Games

The list goes on (The original Red Dawn, 28 Days Later), but had to stop somewhere. :D

Any others?
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A bunch of suggestions here, including full-length episodes and films-

Some of the new Twilight Zones are pretty good, this one is only 22-minutes long but packs a neat twist ending.
Two guys get into their bunker in the nick of time as a nuke blast wipes out their town, what can possibly go wrong?-
I can't believe I and everybody else forgot "Damnation Alley"!!! :shock:

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I didn't forget it! I posted this link to the full movie earlier this year, check page 3..:)
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Incidentally "Under the Dome" is currently running on Brit TV, I watched the first 6 episodes then gave up on it because it's turned into a silly soap, everybody seems far too unconcerned that a bloody alien dome has been plonked down over their town, and even the military has buggered off as if they don't care either!
The show also lacks a strong central "hero" figure, Big Jim is the nearest but he's as wacko as his psycho son!
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I stood up and had to stop the movie [The Road] for a minute when they left that fully stocked shelter because they heard a dog outside! :D
Yeah but at least it was a good warning to us all that even if we've got a neat underground bunker or cellar or whatever, the bad guys can use a dogs snout to root us out, and if there's just one way in and out, we're toast..;)

US troops on Okinawa set fire to brushwood at a cave entrance to smoke out Japs-
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I watched 'Gravity' last night (Clooney/Bullock), I suppose it can be categorised as a survival movie..***SPOILER ALERT*** seeing as they had the shuttle shot out from under them early on and spent most of the rest of the movie floating in space wondering how the hell to get back to earth.
Hmm, tricky one...
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