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Must See SHTF / EOTWAWKI / Survival Movies

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My top 10:

#1. Idiocracy - MUST SEE!!!

#2. Road Warrior (ALL of them, even Beyond Thunder Dome)

#3. Jeremiah Jones

#4. I am Legend (better than Omega Man imo)

#5. The Book of Eli

#6. Zombieland

#7. The Postman

#8. Shawn of the Dead

#8. Water World

#9. The Day After Tommarow

#10. The Hunger Games

The list goes on (The original Red Dawn, 28 Days Later), but had to stop somewhere. :D

Any others?
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A Boy and His Dog, with a young Don Johnson. The ending is "unique".

I can't remember the name but one of the best I think is from the 1950s about a family just heading into the California hills to go camping when LA is hit by a nuke.

Omega Man with Charlton Heston was a forerunner of I Am Legend. I think it did better job than the newer version with him surviving in the wreckage of a city.

The Stand by Stephen King was pretty good. The larger theme of good versus evil is blown up into a rgional conflict, but the same principal might apply at a neighborhood level.

I don't think this theme has ever been really well done yet. Lights Out promises to be probably the best effort, when it is released. Most either have a person or small group as the only survivors, or they are surrounding by vampires/zombies/aliens. Neither scenario is very realistic. I good production should explore more of the neighborhood, city, rural dynamics and choices people make. Plus it should explore how different people fare based on fitness, skills, prepped versus not, country versus city, bug in versus bug out.
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