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Must See SHTF / EOTWAWKI / Survival Movies

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My top 10:

#1. Idiocracy - MUST SEE!!!

#2. Road Warrior (ALL of them, even Beyond Thunder Dome)

#3. Jeremiah Jones

#4. I am Legend (better than Omega Man imo)

#5. The Book of Eli

#6. Zombieland

#7. The Postman

#8. Shawn of the Dead

#8. Water World

#9. The Day After Tommarow

#10. The Hunger Games

The list goes on (The original Red Dawn, 28 Days Later), but had to stop somewhere. :D

Any others?
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Bad Netflix! I just looked and the only one on your list available to stream is Hunger Games, which we've already seen.
Jericho was great. With all the fan support, I wonder why they didn't continue it.
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Haven't seen it, but yeah, I'd totally go for zombies over creepy crawly bugs. Ugh. :D
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1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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