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Must See SHTF / EOTWAWKI / Survival Movies

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My top 10:

#1. Idiocracy - MUST SEE!!!

#2. Road Warrior (ALL of them, even Beyond Thunder Dome)

#3. Jeremiah Jones

#4. I am Legend (better than Omega Man imo)

#5. The Book of Eli

#6. Zombieland

#7. The Postman

#8. Shawn of the Dead

#8. Water World

#9. The Day After Tommarow

#10. The Hunger Games

The list goes on (The original Red Dawn, 28 Days Later), but had to stop somewhere. :D

Any others?
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Not a movie but I just started watching Jericho again on netflix, really wish this one had been picked up by scifi network or someone, great series. Walking Dead and Dawn of the Dead are great too even if they are unrealistic. Red Dawn would have to be on the list too.

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I forgot about A Boy and His Dog, that was a great movie. The Stand was pretty good but the book is much better, another good King survival themed book is Cell, pretty unrealistic but good none the less.

1 - 2 of 43 Posts
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