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Muslim Punishment for Being a Christian

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The idea that a Christian must die for their faith is beyond comprehension in our country. But that mind set is a big disadvantage when considering the real scriptural teachings of Islam. No one should die just for being a Muslim but neither should Islam be considered a religion. Any book that tells its followers that they must kill or demand a person renounce their religion is not a religion. Islam is the satan and Muslims the followers of pure evil.
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A mind changed against its will is of the same mind still.

First, without a doubt if you go in any way against Islam, Quran, Mohammad, or allah; you are subject to punishment including death. If a Christian tries to convert any Muslim to Christianity they have committed the gravest offense. Even a greater offense than being a non-believer. The non-believer would have no problem saying they accept Islam as their religion because it does not violate their faith. A true Christian has no such latitude.

Second, the Quran permits a believer to lie in the furtherance of Islam. So taking the word of Muslims in a Christian or free religion country is pointless and meaningless.

Third, if one studies the pre-crusades history there are many documented cases of torture and persecution. The example that has always stuck in my mind. Often Christians would have their abdomen cut open and tied to a post. Then they would be poked with spears forcing the individual to move away from the post. Once the intestines appeared about to burst they would stop leaving the individual attempting to reinsert his innards. Before leaving the leader would always if it is Allah's will you will live; all things are possible through Allah.

Fourth, however off track they got the crusades were about protecting Christians and those wanting to visit the Holy land. Given the Quran and many instances like the above and the fate of the Christian Pakistan woman is there any doubt why the Knights Templar and Paladins might have acted less than Christlike.
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Any knowledgable Christian knows the Old Covenant was replaced by the new covenant. The Old Covenant was to purify Israel for the coming of Christ. Anyone that uses the OC as a bases for violating the teaching of the NC does not understand Christianity.

The OC is for context and understanding the importance of Israel; the prophesy of Coming of Christ and the power of God.

So quote Leviticus all you like, it is not a book of directions to Christians.
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