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Muslim Punishment for Being a Christian

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The idea that a Christian must die for their faith is beyond comprehension in our country. But that mind set is a big disadvantage when considering the real scriptural teachings of Islam. No one should die just for being a Muslim but neither should Islam be considered a religion. Any book that tells its followers that they must kill or demand a person renounce their religion is not a religion. Islam is the satan and Muslims the followers of pure evil.
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The difference being who started the conflict and who was following the dictates if Scripture rather than seeking human power.

Islam does not necessarily insist that Christians die. The do, however, insist that they "submit" including paying the tax. That there are Christian factions existing in most Muslim lands suggests that they can coexist, but as Islam radicalizes Christians begin to suffer.

We should note that of all people, Islam hates worst the infidel who has no faith in monotheistic god. Makes it rather ironic that so many secularists and atheists seem to support the general Islamic condition. I believe that one day soon enough, those same secularists may shockingly discover that they are only pawns -- totally expendable -- in the advance of Islam across the globe.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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