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Muslim Punishment for Being a Christian

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The idea that a Christian must die for their faith is beyond comprehension in our country. But that mind set is a big disadvantage when considering the real scriptural teachings of Islam. No one should die just for being a Muslim but neither should Islam be considered a religion. Any book that tells its followers that they must kill or demand a person renounce their religion is not a religion. Islam is the satan and Muslims the followers of pure evil.
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Umm - These guys spend more time killing each other than they do us....just sayin'

Islam is clearly not a religion tolerant of unbelievers. While there is no doubt that dirty deeds have been done in the name of Christianity, there is (at least in my mind) no comparing new testament forgiveness and atonement with the focus on revenge and violence in the kuran, made much worse by the fatwah issued to propogate its teaching...speaking of dirty deeds done in the name of a religion...

Any religion that encourages its followers to lie to "unbelievers" regarding its true nature, as does Islam, will not peacefully coexist with other religions.

Just my .02
I am so tired of the Christian bashing fools defending a religion that would give you exactly one choice; renounce your beliefs for Allah or die.

When was the last time ANYONE heard about a Baptist killing a Methodist over a religious disagreement? Outside of Northern Ireland, the same could be said for Catholics and protestants anywhere in the world. Love your neighbor and forgive your enemy. Sunnis kill Shiites and vice versa everyday. They blow each other up by the hundreds. Why is this FACT overlooked in favor of some ancient BS about the crusades, the Inquisition, and the coerced converstion of tribal peoples 400 YEARS AGO! That is revisionist history and it is garbage...

Wake UP!

Like it or not, If you live in a Western Culture you benefit from the atoning power of Jesus Christ. Western prosperity is absolutely influenced by Christian ideals and concepts of fairness and forgiveness. Only a moron with suggest otherwise.

If you are so anxious to trade that in for some alternative point of view, maybe you should jump on the next flight to Saudi Arabia or Syria. I dare you to go over their and start making a bunch of noise about how there is no god.

Let me give you a hint; wear your track shoes...
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