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Music ...what are you listening to?

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Have been fortunate enough to see her several times , the first time she was just 17..........the epitome of modern blue eyed soul , the first one is like a reincarnation of Dusty Springfield herself........

im not listening to music, im watching zombie land lol

Hank, Willie and Waylon,Charlie Daniels,Skynryd With some Dolly and Reba thrown in for good measure.

In the pole barn while messing around with preps it's OT & NT KJV on cassette.

All Old Skool Stuff.
And now for something completely different.

"Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton...
One of my favorite...the beauty of this song is in its romantic it!!!
Anything rock or metal! Right now it's Volbeat, "Hallelujah Goat".
Right now Im listening to
I prefer good 70's-80's Rock/metal, Ive been a huge Iron Maiden fan my entire life and I have to say that it is my favorite band :)
Bullet for My Valentine's new Temper Temper... Its soothing, and calming...
Jamie Johnson , Waylon Jenning , Dire straights ,robert earl keen , iris dement .
This is a classic... if you haven't seen it you need to.
jaimey johnson here too, KID ROCK bout 70% of the time, Corey taylors new "from cant to can", and gilbert brantley, brantley gilberrt- kick it in the stix,
At the moment i'm just listening to the ringing in my ears. It's been playing the same tune since 1969.
Oh, you mean music? I listen to the music of my youth - Big Band of the 1940's (thanks Dad!), 50's & 60'srock-n-roll, and the psychedelic rock of the late 60's.
There's a bunch of old Carter Family stuff on youtube that I like, here's one of theirs about the Civil War-

PS- you probably already know, but as a matter of interest the gal in the centre is Maybelle Carter, she later became Johnny Cash's mother-in-law when he married her daughter June.
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And I like this one by Johnny Cash because it's all about having a strong mindset and determination to survive no matter what shit life throws at us-

Just acquired a turntable from my father in law and broke out some old albums last night. The main speakers I use are 30 years old but were designed in 1963 and hooked it up through an old pioneer stereo receiver I had laying around. Vintage from start to finish and the better recorded records I have sounded great. Listened to stuff all the way from The Beatles to Elton John to some of my punk collection I haven't heard in over 10 years. I will be buying more records from now on.

Here's three speakers I have.

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